Will you make a cake/cupcakes/cake pops/some other treat for my son's birthday/my friend's baby shower/my daughter's graduation/the first time I went through a haunted house without crying?
I'd love to! Email me and we can make arrangements.
Unfortunately, I don't ship (at least not yet), so you would need to be within driving distance or willing to arrange your own pickup if you are what I would deem too far.

Where did you learn how to...(fill in the blank)?
Well...trial and error, the internet, and TV. The internet and TV are often where I get ideas, and then I either figure it out myself through trial and error (sometimes lots of disastrous error), or I google tutorials and then try (and often err).

Where do you get your recipes?
Some are family recipes, and some I find on the internet through other blogs, and often through Pinterest. If I use a recipe from another blog or website, I will include the source link.

Can I repost your photos on my own site/blog?
Please don't. My images are all my own unless I have stated otherwise.
Although occasionally I will use one that my sister-in-law Natalie took, and I ask her to please forgive me if I pulled one off my computer and forgot to credit her. If you would like to use a photo from my blog, please email me and we can make arrangements.
However, please feel free to pin my images to Pinterest.

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You can post questions here on the blog, or you can email me at katira(dot)davis(at)gmail(dot)com