Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Post of A Different Kind

My brother and his fiancée, my Mom and our friend from England, and my two younger siblings watching the fires from a safe distance.

Good morning all.
This post is sure to carry a significantly different tone than my usual musings. 

As many of you already know, my beautiful home of Colorado Springs is burning as the Waldo Canyon Fire rages along the Front Range. I, along with 32,000 others, have been evacuated from our homes, and it is already confirmed that some of those homes, along with some beloved landmarks, have been burned to the ground. 
I can only be thankful that, as of yet, there are no reports of casualties or serious injuries. I am also thankful that my family is safe, and mostly together. My Dad is working out of the country at the moment, and we will be relieved when he joins us. We cannot express our gratitude to our dear friends who have taken us in, along with other families. It is a full house here, and their generosity is greatly appreciated.
We have yet to hear whether our house is still standing, but we have no reason at this time to believe that it has burned, so we are thankful for that.

My little brother hoses down the walls and roof before evacuating the house. The sky glows orange, and thick smoke and falling ash obscures the trees in our next-door neighbors backyard.

The fear and tension are tangible in this town, as thick as the smoke that was blanketing our neighborhoods. Please keep Colorado Springs (as well as several other towns in and around Colorado, who are also being affected) in your thoughts.

I would like to take a moment to show my gratitude and respect for those brave souls who are working so tirelessly to protect what they can, and to fight this terrifying firestorm.

Please let the heat relent and the rain come, and let this nightmare come to an end.

Please click here  if you want to and are able to provide help to those affected.
Please click here for current fire information.

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